Can You Make Head Or Tail Of This Gameplay Trailer For ‘Ibb And Obb’?

ibb and obb
ibb and obb

Sparpweed have released a new gameplay trailer for their gravity-surfing co-op puzzle platformer ibb and obb, featuring delightful music from Kettel and enough adorable creatures to last you from now until at least the next showing of Sesame Street.

Groan, winge, moan; another puzzle platformer? Yes, ibb and obb does reside within that ever popular genre, however, it does so with style and features some intelligent co-op puzzles by the looks of it. The very thing that ibb and obb pretty much bases its existence on is the unique ‘two worlds’ mechanic, represented by the upper and lower halves of the screen. The upper world is what you may call more familiar to us, not because of the weird environment full of gormless beings, but due to gravity acting as we expect it to. The lower half of the screen is quite the opposite in fact, quite literally – gravity pulls upwards.

As ibb and obb travel across the screen they are met with many obstacles. To surpass them they must use the help of each other and manipulate the possibilities of having two opposite fields of gravity at their disposal. Momentum leaps aplenty!

Sparpweed say that they are now in the very final stages of development and aim to launch ibb and obb in the second quarter of 2012, first on PSN and later on PC through Steam.

More information on ibb and obb can be found over on the game’s official website. Follow the little blighters on Twitter to keep up to date with all their forthcoming news.

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