Earth Under Alien Attack; Indie Developers Fight Back

Source Studio is proud to announce the release of its first game, ProtoGalaxy, on October 6, 2010, on Steam for the PC. In ProtoGalaxy, up to four players can team up to defend Earth from a mysterious and powerful alien race. Players must brave fierce battles, solve challenging puzzles, and explore the far reaches of the galaxy in order to put an end to the attacks and rebuild a home for the survivors.

Source Studio is a independent game company, owned and operated in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The three owners are graduates of Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Bachelor of Engineering program. The team founded Source Studio in 2007 during their final year of school with the goal of creating new and innovative games. In 2008 the company became a part of Memorial University’s Genesis Centre, an incubator for high growth technology companies.

 “ProtoGalaxy is primarily an action game, but we think it will appeal to a variety of gamers. The game includes a built in editor which allows players to easily create entirely new levels. Players can share their creations online and download other people’s levels for endless game play,” explained Alex Brown, company founder.

Source Studio is pleased to be working with Steam on distributing ProtoGalaxy. With over 2.5 million active users daily, Steam is one of the most popular downloadable game services for the PC. In addition to offering one of the best online game stores with one of the largest gamer communities, Steam also provides developers with Steamworks. Through Steamworks, ProtoGalaxy includes a variety of challenging achievements and improved online gaming.

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