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Now that 2011 is coming to a close it’s time to recognize and celebrate all the great indie developers that have contributed some of the most memorable games this year. Indie Game Mag is happy to open up voting for our 2011 Indie Game of the Year Awards! Our Awards are based on readers votes, so we need your help to pick the best indie game of the year!  Be sure to share our poll with your friends and let the best indie game win!

We have introduced 2 new categories this year for our 2nd Annual Readers Choice awards:

  • Most Anticipated Indie Game of 2012
  • Best Free Indie Game

Voting opens today and goes through till December 31st 2011.  If you have any comments (or late additions), please let us know and we will adjust the ballot accordingly.

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  1. Grimm

    It was a great year for indies. So many fantastic games. Bastion has amazing narration, Gemini Rue reinvigorated adventure genre, To the Moon with its heartwrenching storyline… but for me, Frozen Synapse was the best. That’s the most engaging tactical game I played in years.

  2. Sandra.C

    Pulse volume 1 Is truly awesome. The graphic is clever, beautiful and delightful to watch as you play the game. As for the music they certainly keep you on your toes and after playing the game you can’t help but walk away humming the tunes. There is sure to be one or more that becomes your favorite. Cipher Prime you guys rock!! You guys deserve this! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!!!

  3. Kalidor

    I really loved Bastion, however i couldnt help but think they built upon “the night of the cephalopods” released a few years back..

  4. Jordan

    I would of voted Terraria hands down of it was on here but the game of the year I would say is Frozen Synapse. It may be overlooked but is extremely fun to play and requires massive amounts of strategy.

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