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Now that 2012 is coming to a close it’s time to recognize and celebrate all the great indie developers that have contributed some of the most memorable games this year. Indie Game Mag is happy to open up voting for our 2012 Indie Game of the Year Awards! Our Awards are very different than the IGF and other industry awards.

  • The IGM Awards DO NOT charge the developers any fee to be entered; Nominees are selected by our staff and fans.
  • Winners are determined by readers and indie game fans – there’s no judging process
  • Games are only eligible in the year they were released (minus the most anticipated category) – unlike the IGF – these games are all commercial products readily available for purchase straight from the indie developer.
  • We only count unique votes and do not allow vote spamming – Every vote counts the same and your vote matters!

Since our awards are based on your votes, We need your help to pick the best indie games of the year!  Be sure to share our poll with your friends and let the best indie game win!

We have kept all of the categories from last year, but tuned the best free game category to include the ever expanding Free-2-Play market.  Similar to last year, we are requiring that an email address be provided with each vote (to reduce spam voting).  If you would like to be eligible for our prizes, please opt in to be notified when the winners are announced.  We will be announcing prizes soon, but they will include free IGM subscriptions, Indie Games, and more!

Voting opens today and goes through till December 31st 2012.  Keep an eye peeled for our prize announcement soon.  We should announce the best indie games of 2012 early next year along with our personal IGM editor’s choices as well!

****UPDATE: Folks wanted links, pics etc of all the nominees so here’s links to coverage of most of these games on IGM *****


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  1. Michael B. Gnade

    People – we have to cut the nominees somewhere otherwise we’d have every great indie game on here! We had a rough list a few weeks ago and pretty much listened/added all the games mentioned. We didn’t want more than 6-8 nominees in every category…what is this the Academy Awards with 10 best picture nominees!

  2. Orc

    I agree with you guys that everyone’s taste is different and it is not possible to include every game for every respective Award.
    Hotline Miami isn’t a nominee for Best Soundtrack ?

  3. Sarzael

    Voted Starbond so obviously!
    Its really awesome, you people should check it out. Also dont have a look at it and start making a list of games it may be ripoffing, since if you explore in the deeps of it you will find it very unique, creative, and awesome!

  4. Chris Brennan a.k.a. DazeOfWar

    How is Syder Arcade not on here for best music. The soundtrack is one of the best around. It’s some amazing stuff.

  5. Retrogamer777

    Why is Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Episode 1 Tides of Fate not on this list? It has superior visuals, an amazing soundtrack, great gameplay, and it came out in August of this year. Very disappointing not to see it on there.

  6. me

    Why aren’t Wasteland 2 and Shadow-run or Project Eternity on the most anticipated nominee list? They are far more popular then those in the current list IMO.

  7. Nemesis-489

    Starbound as most anticipated is a complete understatement. Could have easily taken the award for both ’12 & ’13…

  8. Saltbeard

    Considering I’m not even interested in most of the ‘Most Anticipated’ games, and also considering I check the Starbound forums weekly for new info, I’d say Starbound is the one that has me captivated.

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