Indie Intermission – A Belated ‘Flash Advent Calendar 2012′

The NG 2012 Advent Calendar – splash
The NG 2012 Advent Calendar - ss03

I hope everyone had a great Christmas day yesterday and if you are from the UK I hope you are enjoying Boxing day today – it’s an odd tradition but a great one.

Carrying on this Christmas theme, today I look at a belated Advent calendar from Newgrounds with the Flash Advent Calendar 2012. Although not strictly a game in its own right it contains a great deal of awesome flash movies and even the odd small game.

The NG 2012 Advent Calendar - ss04

From the collective minds over at Newgrounds this version of a traditional Advent calendar is a great addition and contains a collection of very strong flash content.

Although this year has seen a great deal of video game Advent calendars – and they are by no means anything new – this take on the holiday season has been quite the stand out for me.

The NG 2012 Advent Calendar - ss01

Average play time – 15 minutes

Christmas is a great time of the year and this calendar really highlights what a great community can do when working together for the holiday season. Full of interesting and comical flash creations Flash Advent Calendar 2012 is well worth your time, and although I did cover this a little late in the holiday season it doesn’t detract from the overall experience.

Be sure to check out Flash Advent Calendar 2012 on Newgrounds now.

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