Indie Intermission Sunday Round Up: Exploring And Jumping Through Crime


This week I tried to explore the greater creative depth of the internet, and move away from the jam scene a little bit after last week saw a full week of jam entries. So expect to find a whole range of great titles to get you through the day. As always click the title for my article or the image to go direction to the games site.

Monday: ‘Hello World’ Exploring The Aether One Planetoid At A Time

 A really nice exploration platformer which grows organically as you manage to explore further and further. It has some really great effects and some nice arcade score attack kind of feels to it, how far will you get?

Tuesday: ‘Why Are You Running, Philibert?’ Seems Like It Isn’t Just Lemmings Trying To Kill Themselves

Why are you running Philibert

 I really like this idea as it puts a whole new spin on what a platformer should be like. Introducing Tetris puzzle elements really helps to add a new dimension to the platforming genre that I find quite unique. Not your run of a mill platformer and is well worth your time.

Wednesday: ‘Obludia’ Battling Through The Dungeon Hordes

obludia ss04

 For anyone who grew up with such classics as SmashTV this new take on the horde genre is very nice. It had fantastic artwork and challenging levels really making this (although early) demo a must look at. I just hope for a more complete version down the line to play some of the more varied elements.

Thursday: ‘Chrono&Cash’ The Art Of Stealing Through Time

Chrono & Cash ss04

 A simply charming game that has you stealing from different eras over time. You may of seen Chrono&Cash before but I guarantee it, not like this. Fully utilizing the Brass Monkey controls you really get a great gaming experiance here.

Friday: ‘Seven Minutes’ To Save The World, Or At least Yourself

Seven Minutes ss06

 If your a fan of frantic fast paced platformers with mild puzzle elements than you can’t really go wrong with this little gem. Although short in duration this should not fool you into thinking it will make life for you any easier and if fact often makes it even more frustrating when you miss that jump for the fifth time.


 Over the course of the week I have looked to keep verity up and introduce you all to something a bit different. I feel that the games this week have be great and really do showcase some great technology and great ideas. Be sure to come back tomorrow at 12 noon for some more free gaming to break up you otherwise dull day.

If you are a developer with A fun indie game that can be played over a coffee break, we want to hear from you! Private message us on twitter @IndieGameMag or shoot us an email at with the subject “Indie Intermission” and you could be our indie intermission pick of the day!

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