‘Nano Squad’ – A Game In Which You Merge Aircraft Because You’re Awesome

Nano Squad
Nano Squad

We have been craving some of that crazy side-scrolling shooter action you only get from games of the Gradius lineage here at IGM, which is why we are telling you to go and buy the best resolve we found, Nano Squad.

Saudi Arabian produced Nano Squad is a great little multiplayer shooter. Sure it clogs up the screen a little but that was exactly what we were looking for. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to save the world from the Wolf Pack. To do this you are going to have to battle your way through hordes of enemies with or without your team mates, and upgrade your ships in a typical RPG fashion. There are different types of aircraft, each of which can help out your squad in different ways. In single player you switch between the aircraft, while in multiplayer you are assigned a particular craft. However, and this will blow your mind, you can MERGE the aircraft together to create bigger aircraft; it’s like if the Transformers had sex with the liquid metal T-1000, these are the offspring!

Presuming there are four of you playing local co-op, you have the option to Duo-Merge, or for the daring, you can Quad-Merge. Someone add those terms to the dictionary please. The gameplay is quite manic, as it bloody well should be, and if you are able to survive for extended periods of time you are rewarded by the Combo System which means you get more badass the longer you stay alive. Without further ado, here is the trailer!

You can purchase Nano Squad from the Xbox Live Indie Games section, or you can go to this page and save yourself the hassle of browsing that messy store.

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