New ‘Super Meat Boy’ Game Coming To “Touch Devices”

Super Meat Boy
Super Meat Boy

Team Meat are working on a new Super Meat Boy game intended for touchscreen devices, this won’t be anything like the original Super Meat Boy though.

There have been rumors about an iOS game in the making at the Team Meat offices for a while now, as usual with these things there were many theories as to what this may be. Those rumors have now been quashed by Edmund McMillen who announced that the team of two have started work on a Super Meat Boy game for “touch devices”. Presumably this means iOS devices and perhaps further platforms as well.

This version of Super Meat Boy will be very, very different to the 2010 console and PC release though – it may not even be a platformer! Edmund explained via Twitter that it won’t play like Super Meat Boy but it will “feel” like it. There’s to be an entirely new “visual theme” as well apparently.

So there’s not really any clues as to what kind of game this may be…at all. It could literally be anything. Considering that Team Meat pretty much nailed the platformer, we’re hoping to see a similar mastery of the touchscreen controls, as well as the trademark cartoon gore and indie game references. We thought pretty highly of Super Meat Boy as you can read in our review so we’re really hoping they can make a repeat success.

We’ll keep an eye and an ear out for any further news regarding this new undertaking. Until then, you can find out more information about the original Super Meat Boy over on the official website.

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