‘Nubuwo Debut Bundle’ – An Eclectic Mix Of Great Indie Game Music

Nubuwo Debut Bundle
Nubuwo Debut Bundle

There is probably never going to be a greater collection of indie game music and for such a small price than the Nubuwo Debut Bundle – unless they strike again! If you care even the tiniest bit about game audio and music then you need to grab the bundle before the timer runs out. No questions.

This is half a praise-heavy overview of the Nubuwo Debut Bundle, half a “stop wasting time reading this and go and throw your money at it!” First off though, before we snuggle up to the contents of the bundle, I would first like to say what lending your money to it means. It’s not only going to grab you this bargain deal but its also going to ensure that game music is given the exposure it needs and is being nurtured in the right hands.

You should notice the word “Nubuwo” altering what this bundle is all about, but what or who is Nubuwo? It’s actually a website dedicated to everything game music and audio. We’re talking news, announcements and resources. The folks behind it are a cracking bunch and are the only people really capable of heading a project of this calibre. Their bundle, as previously stated, is going towards not only spreading the vibes, but also helping them out where they need it. There’s no other greater cause at the moment in our humble scene, especially since we’ve all grown so fond of the auditory treat indie games and the like bring to our ears.

So what’s in this bundle then?! Well, there’s a bunch of exclusive preview tracks from the likes of the upcoming The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb OST from Danny Baranowsky and Clairvoyance by Erik Svedäng and El Huervo.

This is literally the tip of the iceberg though. What we’re really looking at is 3 mega packs of music and audio quips. The tracks listed above are part of a preview pack, there’s a huge Vocal Pack and an equally enormous Instrumental Pack. I am not going to go through each of the tracks but there are loads in there, all with a unique tone and mood and beat – oh, trust me, it’s an absolutely thrilling collection!

So, without further ado, head on over to the funding page and throw your money at the bundle – it’s mega cheap, especially when you consider how many tracks you’re going to get.

More information on the Nubuwo Debut Bundle can be found over on the funding page and on the Nubuwo website.

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