Another Journey: Austin Wintory To Compose For ‘The Banner Saga’

The composer of thatgamecompany’s flOw and Journey, Austin Wintory, was inspired by Stoic’s The Banner Saga so much that he is now going to be composing the music for it – there are new Kickstarter incentives to match this too.

We announced the coming of The Banner Saga not so long ago now and since then it has exploded all over the internet and especially on Kickstarter where it’s now reached 500% of the funding asked for. Nuts. The game for those who don’t know, is a viking-based strategy-RPG with turn-based combat, Bioware-esque dialogue and an engaging storyline.

The news of the game we bring today is that Austin Wintory (who we’ve since become fanboys of) will be composing the soundtrack for the game and he’s going for epic. We believe him when he says that. The Banner Saga is also entering its last week on Kickstarter so if you haven’t nabbed yourself a copy of the game yet then now’s the time to do so.

With Austin joining the team at Stoic, there are new Kickstarter incentives – three in fact. The first will require you to put $150 forward for limited edition physical copies of the game’s soundtrack, hand-signed by Austin himself. Secondly, at $350 you can get an autographed copy of the performance parts from the recording sessions; the sheet musc used by the actual musicians who play on the score.

Lastly, for the really rich people, putting forward $4,500 you are invited to attend the music’s recording sessions in Los Angeles or elsewhere later this year. “This will include a day of hanging out with all of us at the recording studio, and lunch (on us). You will also receive a signed, leather-bound book compiling all of the game’s music (produced as a one-off and therefore never commercially for sale) and earn a Music Associate Producer credit in the game and on the album. Not enough? Austin will personally compose an original 30-second ringtone, just for you!”

So there you have it – The Banner Saga is going to sound epic, it just is, plus you can get involved in some of those sweet audible offerings.

More information on The Banner Saga can be found on the developer’s official website.


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