‘Be Mine Bundle’ Revealed; Available On Valentine’s Day

At last we can reveal everything about the Be Mine Bundle which will go live on February 14th, Valentine’s Day or something, for you all to throw money at and receive a love-bundle of games and other things in return.


Like the many other bundles fighting for your attention, the Be Mine Bundle will roll out with a $1 minimum but you’re encouraged to throw more of the green stuff at the monitor as there are group incentives to unlock more goodies. If you didn’t catch our words on this very subject before then you should do so, right here. There are further prizes for those who become the top donors as well.


Here’s the juicy stuff the details, albeit we can now confirm that we guessed the contents of the Bundle before – read ‘em and weep. Each of the 5 games come with a Steam key and 3 of them come with an alternate direct download if you’re one of the rare unconverted. Here’s the lineup:


Further, the incentives include unreleased songs and video from “electronic artists” Celldweller, FantomenK, and Damage Vault.


The other incentive is still being kept secret as “Fish” – we still don’t have a clue as to what this could be hinting towards. What we do know is that the Be Mine Bundle will be running for two weeks from February 14th to the 28th.


You’ll be able to find out more information on the Be Mine Bundle and get your very own from the 14th onwards from the official website.

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