Compete With Goofy Photos in Awkward Hug’s ‘Bout’

Awkward Hug, the designers behind the adorable all-ages photo challenge game Socks, Inc. have a new project, an iOs social photo contest called Bout. Players of Bout snap photos in response to challenges, and then friends choose the best ones. Winners can be chosen on artistry, content or a clever response to the challenge prompt, a bit like a round of social card game Apples To Apples, but with user-generated photos instead of a deck of cards. Like Apples to Apples, content prompts almost ask for goofy responses. Some of the contest prompts are pretty much inviting goofy photo responses, like “The glue that holds your relationship together” or “Reason to get up in the morning” or “Something that always kills the mood” or “Something that makes Mama proud”. Winning pics receive coins, bragging rights, and hopefully the same kind of goofy achievements found in Socks, Inc.

Here’s a trailer:

Bout is currently available for iOs. This is a free app, and so far, it’s really been free to make an account, start choosing challenges to enter, and start submitting photos to different prompts. There seems to be an option to purchase extra coins from within the app, but Bout users are able to access the photo challenges without purchasing. (This is worth mentioning in a sea of iOs games with surprise paywalls or forced freemium content.) 

An asynchronous photo game would be a fun way to connect with distant friends, and make a boring meeting more interesting by surreptitiously looking at goofy pictures. Socks, Inc. moderated all the photos added, to keep the photo challenges PG and kid-friendly, but Bout photos could be a little risque if that’s your group of friends. There are also public bouts, to compete with everyone else who’s installed Bout.


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