Buffalo Game Space Looking to Help New Indies

How many of you have thought about making your own video game some day, but have no idea where to even begin? Even if you go to university or self-teach yourself how to program, what then? Where can you get the tools? How do you get your game out to the public? How do you get a copyright for your idea? There are so many different questions that could go through your head when you get an idea for a game that it would be nice to have a group of developers and like-minded people you could just ask and work with. Buffalo Game Space in Buffalo, New York is looking to be just that, with a little help from you and Kickstarter.

The Buffalo Game Space is a nonprofit organization that wants to help indie developers get off the ground. It currently provides a meeting place and development equipment to developers in the area who might not have access to the stuff otherwise. They’ve been steadily growing for some time, and have reached a point where they wish to expand to really help the people who are coming in to work there. To meet the growing needs of the group, they’re looking at adding things like a recording studio, motion capture studio, and the latest software to help devs out. Not only that, but they’re looking to offer more workshops on how to make games as well as accounting, legal, publishing, and marketing advice for people who want to know. Starting out, that information alone is so valuable, especially when given by other successful indie devs from the area.

The Buffalo Game Space is an incredible tool for anyone in the area looking to make a game, first-timer or not. Being able to meet indies going through their own struggles just to talk or learn from, as well as having all of these tools and workshops on-hand, is fantastic; but it all comes at a cost. Their Kickstarter campaign has just over a week left to make enough money to continue providing some fantastic resources for new indies, so consider helping them out if you want to help make a great place and idea even better.

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