Castle Crashers Remastered: A Colorful Hack & Slash Game That’s Now on PC

About the game

Castle Crashers is a hack and slasher side-scrolling game that you play to beat up all your opponents. It is a game that uses hand-drawn art and can be played by up to four players. You are part of a group of valorous knights, and all you need to do is hack and slash your way by defeating all your enemies to save the princesses. The game involves short campaigns with simple combats and RPG elements that add an extra zing to the game. The Behemoth is the company bringing you the game.

Castle Crashers was a popular game released on different platforms. This is a remastered version of the game. The game was originally exclusively meant for the Xbox. A free update brought it for PC players. The Steam PC version of the game received a free update in June 2015. This update made Castle Crashers Remastered available for all those who want to play it on the PC

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Game plot and storyline

The game has a simple storyline. The central characters of the game are four knights. A party is on at the King’s castle, and a dark wizard storms in and storms out with a precious gem and four princesses. It is now up to the four knights to find the wizard and bring him to book. They need to do this fast and rescue the four princesses. Of course, they need to bring back the gem for the King.

On the way, the knights encounter many enemies that include other knights, thieves, a mega catfish, a Cyclops, and even aliens. They need to defeat them all by hacking and slashing their way through. Finally, the knights come face to face with their adversary, the dark wizard. Defeating him is not so easy but has to be done. Once they return, the king invites them to kiss one of the princesses. What happens is this gives an interesting turn to the game that ends in a surprise.

The gameplay

The gameplay is quite simple; you need to select your character and get going. It is a colorful game with great visuals, all of which are hand-drawn. You are part of a group of four knights that makes gameplay easy. After all, unity is strength. Four knights against the enemy make for great gameplay where you can run through your opponents quickly. You will have droves of enemies jumping on you, but you can dispatch them easily.

You can even play alone, but it is not fun and is more difficult. Find three online friends and team up for co-operative gameplay to make the game more interesting. There is an assortment of enemies, making the game all the more interesting. You have a selection of weapons to use. As you progress in the game, you encounter the main bosses, and that is when the game becomes tougher, and you need to play cautiously.

There are many fun elements in the game that ensure you don’t get bored. Some of the enemies are hilarious. There is even a sudden volleyball game that needs to be finished. Some of the monsters surrender and start waving a white flag when they are about to be defeated. You can even have a make-out session with the princess. These elements make this game different and fun to play.

Some of the combats can be repetitive. Playing it solo can be really boring. There are minor glitches with the game movement, and sometimes, the screen is filled up with too many characters. These are but minor issues in a colorful and enjoyable game. There is even a bonus game that comes along with the main game to give you additional hours of fun play.

Features of Castle Crashers Remastered

The features of Castle Crashers Remastered that make it such a lively game are:

  • This is a co-operative game that can be played by four players.
  • It is a game played on colorful backgrounds that are hand-drawn.
  • It is a simple combat game where you knock out your opponents.
  • Lots of enemies to battle makes the gameplay interesting.
  • The not-so-smooth movement can be a dampener; else, the game is great fun.
  • There is a bonus mini-game called Back Off Barbarian for you to enjoy.

· There are many elements and characters you can unlock as you play the game.

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