‘CraftStudio’ – Game Development For Gamers

    A new game making tool is in the making but needs funding to be fully realised – it’s called CraftStudio and the idea is to turn game development into a game itself.

    With game development becoming increasingly popular and much more accessible, quite a market has emerged for easy-to-use game making tools. Still, developing a game is satisfying but couldn’t it be more fun? With games such as Minecraft, LittleBig Planet and Terraria; it’s been proven that many gamers are quite the creative souls if given the right tools.

    CraftStudio takes this to the next logical step and brings these tools in one big package that it is hoped will allow gamers to create anything their heart’s may desire. It won’t be a solo effort either as one of the main aims is to bring real-time collaborative game making so that players may make games together and help each other out. Essentially, by removing the hurdles in game development the minds behind CraftStudio are hoping that they will open up a world where anyone can make a game and have fun doing, thus giving birth to a revolution.

    It seems like a great tool and certainly fits in with our long held mantra that everyone should be making games. The developers of CraftStudio are even going to be making a game with their tools – a dungeon crawler called Project Waffle.

    If you feel this is a project you can get behind then go and put your money where your mouth is and help fund it on Indie GoGo. Of course, there are a bunch of perks awaiting for you too: premium accounts on CraftStudio, copies of Project Waffle and more Waffle related goodies!

    More information on CraftStudio can be found on the developer’s official website.

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