‘Divekick’ Kickstarter Fully Funded! And… Cancelled?

Sometimes, you call an easy bet. It’s a sure thing! And then the die lands on one corner, balanced perfectly. I think that just happened here. We reported that the Kickstarter for parody two-button fighting game Divekick was almost certain to succeed not long ago, and it sailed past the $30,000 target without incident. And then they refunded everything.

Before all you Divekick fans go running out in the streets, wailing your lamentations, the game isn’t cancelled. It’s more on track than ever, apparently – the silly people behind the game have found themselves a publisher. Better still, they’re still honouring all the pledges, to a degree – rather than being pre-orders, you’re allowed to submit ‘helpful’ tips to appear between rounds, etching your sense of humour onto this massive, shared joke. You can read the full story on the Kickstarter page itself, but here’s the tip of the iceberg:

“One True Game Studios would like to thank everyone for their offer of support, but we have decided to close the Kickstarter despite reaching our funding goal. The reason for this is simple:  the spirit of Kickstarter is as a creative “last resort,” if there is no way to get your game funded, hit up Kickstarter to see if there’s enough community interest in funding it. Well, we are happy to inform you today that we’ve made a deal with a publisher to help us both finish and release Divekick to the masses! The finished game will be loaded with features and characters, and we are sure you’ll be pleased with the result. Keep your eye on OneTrueGame.com for updates. 

Though we will be canceling the Kickstarter, and thus will not be taking your money, we are going to make good on most of your offers to back us. Though we cannot honor game pre-orders or mail out T-shirts without taking money in, we do want each of the 800+ of you willing to back our game to be able to have some ownership in it. Check below to see your specific backer level and in what way we will honor it, and then check your Kickstarter Private Messages and reply to us to get us the details we request concerning your involvement with the project. “

Sounds like everyone wins. Divekick gets a commercial release, people get something for their pledges – now a show of loyalty, rather than an investment – and One True Game earn themselves a whole boatload of karma – you can fit a lot of karma onto a boat, y’know. Here’s wishing them the best of luck.

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