Excuse Me? ‘EA Indie Bundle’ Registered On Steam

EA Indie Bundle

An EA Indie Bundle has been registered on Steam. We gasped at the idea before deciding to share the news. Can EA have an indie bundle? The lineup suggests that it’s JUST about plausible.

Something might be wrong in the world today. The fact that I am writing “EA” and “indie” in the same sentence might be one of the signs of the apocalypse. I’ve already had to vandalise the EA picture at the top because it scared me so – I thought a pink rendition of the word “indie” would help. It didn’t. Okay, I’ll take a breather and just report this fairly and squarely…or at least try.

EA, Electronic Arts (the monsters!), have an indie bundle on the way – we found it recently registered on Steam. This consists of six games which they have had some fondling connection with. It’s tenuous at best that these games are “indie”, amongst the others that ride the line of definition. Alas, they’re indie and so we’re just going to roll with this.

There’s no idea given of a release or pricing for this bundle of course, but we can tell you what’s in it. So here goes:

We’ll keep an eye out for this when it does release on Steam whenever that may be – probably this week or the beginning of next week if you ask us. But damn, EA Indie Bundle…that is something.

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