Five Feature Games That Got the Much-Needed Updates to Stay Alive

Games that improved after updates

PC games are no longer static games that are developed and then forgotten about. Game developers keep track of feedback from customers and use the feedback not just to fix bugs but also to improve the games. Regular patches and updates are released, which can improve gameplay and give it a new perspective. There have been many feature games that looked as though they were dead on release and didn’t find many takers. However, timely updates from the developers allowed the games not just to stay alive but also do well.

We look at five such games that seemed to be sinking but were revived after being updated. The comeback stories of these games are presented for you.

1. Final Fantasy XIV

When Final Fantasy XIV was released in 2010, the game got a lot of negative reviews. There were bugs, and most importantly, the game was adjudged as boring and not fun to play. The game died as soon as it was launched. Fortunately, the developers Square Enix took the feedback quickly and positively and pulled down the game. They quickly worked on updates for the game and re-launched it in 2013 as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

This allowed a rebirth for the dead game and helped the developers win appreciation from fans and critics alike. The entire storyline was changed since gamers found it to be dull. The improved storyline came with enhanced gameplay and new battle combat options. All these elements ensured that this RPG was well-received by fans of the Final Fantasy series. Thanks to the quick reaction from the developers, the updates allowed the game to stay alive.

The game gained in popularity, and the developers brought out three expansion packs- Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers. In fact, the game became known as one of the best multiplayer online games in the market. The game used the persistent world backdrop, allowing players to carry out customization and interact with each other during gameplay. The game uses the concept of experience points that players can earn by finishing quests, participating in events, and killing monsters. These points allow players to level up.

The game has eight races with characters; players can choose any of them. Each of them has specific characteristics, which help in gameplay. The game is set in a fictional world known as Hydaelyn, in a region called Eorzea. You need to play along with others to save the world from the invasion of the Garleans. With millions of players now, this game had a great revival.

2. Street Fighter V 

Street Fight V was released in a bit of a hurry by its developers Capcom, and they faced the brunt of it. They were criticized for the inadequate characters, and the overall view was that the content was lacking. There were also server glitches that added to their problems. When it failed to achieve its sales target in 2016, its year of release, the developers decided that it was time to do something. They released patches and updates to fix all the glitches and to enhance the gameplay.

Capcom came out with new editions of the game, including an Arcade edition that was offered free for all those who had bought the original game. This edition has given the game a true reboot, allowing it to recover lost ground and make good the losses. Since the updates started, the game started to get good feedback. With an upcoming Champion Edition, the game is one of those that got a life after a disastrous start.

With sales of nearly four million, the game is one of the popular ones in the Street Fighter series. The game continues from where the previous one ended. It introduced a new concept called V-gauge that added new game fighting techniques. This has made combat more interesting, giving a new dimension to the gameplay. There were four new characters added to the game to make it more interesting.

The game revolves around the story of the fictional character Charlie Nash who spars with the dictator M Bison. The enemy Shadaloo has launched seven satellites to create chaos. It is now up to Charlie to take on the enemy and defeat them. The storyline was well-developed post the updates. With new features, the game got a rebirth.

3. Grand Theft Auto V

The Grand Theft Auto series of games is one of the most popular ones. When Grand Theft Auto V initially released in 2013, it was a single-player game. People had to wait a few weeks before the online version came up. When it finally did, there were problems that gamers faced. Thankfully, the developers Rockstar quickly worked on the updates, ensuring that the game did not suffer. There was a re-release of the game, and it happened in 2014, adding more elements to the gameplay.

The game grew in popularity and had an all-time collection of $6 billion, with more than 120 million copies sold worldwide. It has taken the third spot on all-time top-selling games. It won many awards, making it a game worth playing. The game could have potentially been an online failure, but timely updates allowed it to rule over the market. The game has changed a lot since its original release and has a lot of content added to it.

The game is an action-adventure game that can be played from a first-person viewpoint, as well as a third-person viewpoint. The game features an open world in the fictional Blaine county. Players can explore the world but need to complete missions to move ahead in the storyline. There are many things possible in the game, ranging from stock market trading to scuba diving, and visiting cinemas to BASE jumping. There are many customizations allowed in the game. The game’s graphics and the heist missions have won it a lot of popularity. The game re-release saw enhanced graphic capabilities, earning accolades.

4. No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is one of the classic examples of a game that crashed and fell dead on release. The game created by Indie developer Hello Games failed expectations of gamers. There was plenty of hype surrounding the game prior to its release, but it failed to meet up to expectations. Users felt the game was very dull, and the gameplay was mostly repetitive. There were many features expected, most of which did not materialize.

The worst part was when the developer switched off and did not respond to criticism. After a severe backlash, the developers silently reworked the game and came out with updates one by one to fix various issues. The foundation update, pathfinder update, and Atlas rises updates brought in the features that users expected from the game.

New features and improvements were added on an ongoing basis. All these free updates worked, and the game has now become popular and well-liked. A dead game was revived slowly and steadily. The action-adventure survival game is essentially a single-player game with multiplayer abilities. The game feedback and ratings are now good, thanks to the updates.

5. Diablo III

Diablo III from Blizzard Games is today one of the well-known games. However, it got off to a disastrous start when it launched in 2012. There was a lot of hype surrounding the game, and many gamers felt let down. One of the biggest glitches the game faced was the requirements for players to be connected online at all times. Server problems cropped persistently, ruining the gaming experience of players.

The auction house, which required real money to trade, was disliked universally. Game progression and the class system were some of the other elements players found fault with. Blizzard listened to these views and set about reworking the game through updates. They came out with an expansion in 2014 named Reapers of Soul, which addressed all the concerns of gamers. The much-disliked auction house was removed, and many of the contentious issues fixed.

Adventure mode was added to the game. The loot system, which received criticism, was fixed, and new character classes were introduced as per the feedback. All these changes and additions worked, and gamers once again joined with Blizzard to revive the game, which was at risk of dying. The game has gone to do well with releases on multiple platforms. There are more than 30 million copies shipped, making it one of the top games.

The game continues with the Diablo series, where the player takes one of the character classes and battles with the terror lord Diablo. The game has an option for players to create hardcore characters who cannot be revived if they die. This action RPG has a well-defined storyline and interesting gameplay elements that have made it popular. This is one of those feature games that heard the voice of users and acted to make itself relevant!


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