Frictional Games: “A Machine For Pigs Coming Fall 2012″

After teasing just about everyone, in particular us and their community, Frictional Games seem to have unveiled a tiny bit more information on their upcoming Amnesia project.

The ARG laid out by Frictional Games has been keeping their community busy. It has led to the discovery of more letters and the full concept art image that was waiting for them. From solving the anagram that the letters formed, they got the following message:

“The world is a machine. A machine for pigs. Fit only for the slaughtering of pigs.”

Of course, the community then solved the ARG as can be seen here, causing a countdown timer to start. They were all very excited in the hope that the timer would lead to something even more exciting, mainly the release of a trailer. Alas, when the timer reached zero, the fans were left disappointed by a simple message that only confirmed what they had already solved with the anagram. The message simply reads:

“A Machine For Pigs coming fall two thousand twelve.”

With the Frictional Games team resisting our prying questions we cannot tell you any more than this. What we can show you, however, are the game’s two pieces of concept art; one at the top of this post and the other below. Presumably, this new information tells us that the body in the top image is a pig running on said machine (you can see rails at the top). The second image seems to show some form of control system, presumably for this pig (butchering?) machine.


Is this new project to be called Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs? Probably not, that sounds like a very odd title. Is it an entirely new game in the Amnesia series? Is it just DLC? Is it a collaborative project with thechineseroom of Dear Esther fame like the clues seem to suggest – they say on their official website that they are developing a survival horror, but it’s release date as Q4 2012 throws more doubt into the air.

So much speculation and so many questions unanswered! It’s fun isn’t it? We’ll keep pestering the Frictional guys until they’re ready to talk. If anywhere, you may eventually find more details over at, until then, we’re clueless. You may also want to check out the thread in the Frictional Games forums for any further development.

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