Harry Potter Watch Out! Vikram Vetal is coming

Somehow I stumbled onto this game Vikram Vetal.  In the game, you appear to control a magician in a 2D platforming adventure.  There also appears to be a ghostly sidekick that follows you around and some interesting puzzles and lighting effects.  The game looks interesting enough, but my interest was piqued even more by the complete lack of information about this game or the game developer.  After some searching, I did manage to find the game’s developer Vril Interactive and their official website, but the site is completely flash based and looks like it is out of 1995.  The only information that I got from the site is that the game’s subtitle is Quest for the Serpent Stone not to be confused with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone.  It is shocking to be able to find so little information on an indie game.  I was able to find out that the game is described as a coming to the Xbox, Playstation, and PC consoles.  We’ll continue to look into what this game is all about, but it is currently shrouded in mystery.  If anybody has more information, please comment below.

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