Here’s All You Need To Know About Kentucky Route Zero

About the game

Kentucky Route Zero is a point-and-click game relying on storyline and dialogue for the gameplay. This is a different game, unlike others, and does not have combats, challenges, or puzzles to complete. It is a game that uses text and dialogue for its gameplay. It is more like a visual novel that is interactive. This is a unique game that is believed to be the result of crowdfunding. Indie developer Cardboard Computer has developed the game. Well-known gaming company Annapurna Interactive is the publisher for the game.

The game released in 2013. Like a drama, the game is formed of five acts. The first act was released in 2013, and other acts have been released subsequently. The fifth and final act was released in January 2020, completing the game release. Route Zero in the game is the name given to a route in Kentucky that needs to be followed by a truck driver, who is the protagonist of this game. The game is all about interactions with people.

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Game plot and storyline

Conway is the central character of this game. He is a truck driver who works for an antique company. Conway travels along Route Zero to reach his destination. During the course of the work, Conway meets many people and encounters different situations. The game involves you controlling Conway, taking him around the map, and talking to different people. The game starts with Conway at a gas station, where he is directed to Route Zero. The game proceeds through five acts involving a distinct story.

Act I has Conway traveling to a mine and has the story of Shannon. Act II sees Conway injuring himself and searching for a doctor to treat him. He goes through different situations to reach the doctor. In Act III, Conway has friends accompanying him to help in a mysterious computer project. Act IV involves a ferry ride with many strange incidents. The final act is where Conway reaches his destination and debates whether to stay there or move on.

The gameplay

This is not a challenging game in the traditional sense. There are no strategies needed, nor do you need to solve puzzles to move ahead. It is a very simple game where you point Conway and move him to different locations to interact with people. The game does not have action but has conversations between characters. Within the conversations are choices. The interesting thing is that there is no correct or wrong choice. You make whatever choice you wish and move on with the game.

Writers, like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, have influenced the game developers. They were influenced by theater, and the result is there to be seen. The entire game is like a play with an artsy feel to it. The happenings of the game are not those you would see in real life. That’s why the game seems so surreal. The unexpected things that happen are what makes the game so interesting and unique. It is not just Conway’s journey; there are other characters who accompany him through the game. You can even control their narratives.

The game has many objects that you can touch and explore. There are many characters who are waiting to talk to you. This can sometimes leave you in confusion about whether to explore everything or just come to your destination. This is an element that allows you to come back and play the game again for new experiences. The game is about life and the journey involved in reaching the final destination.

Features of Kentucky Route Zero

The point and click game is a truly unique one, with features like:

  • The game is a visual novel that runs on conversations and not on puzzles and challenges.
  • The game is the story of a truck driver and his travel along Route Zero to find an address. It is all about his interactions with people during his travels.
  • The game is spread across five acts. Each act has different characters and different situations.
  • The choices you make can decide further scenes but don’t affect the overall storyline. This ensures there are neither right nor wrong choices.
  • The graphics are simple, and more of monochrome.
  • The game has an interesting soundtrack, and the music and lyrics change based on the choices you make.
  • There are many strange incidents with a surreal atmosphere that makes the game truly different.
  • The game has won appreciation from critics as well as many awards.

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