Indie Devs Price Match Steam Sales

As nearly everyone has already told you, the Steam Summer Sales are taking place. However, what you may not know is that a number of indie developers have decided to price match their games, to match the Steam Sale prices, on their own websites using the Humble Store widget. The benefit of this price matching is simple: the Humble Store only takes 5% of the total sales made, as opposed to Steam’s 30%.

A Reddit user by the name of “Pharnaces_II” has generated a list of many of the indie games that are price matching to the current Steam Sale prices in an attempt to influence fans to buy through their site, netting them a 95% profit, as opposed to the 70% profit they would make through Steam. All of the games purchased through the Humble Store come with Steam keys (so long as the game is on Steam in the first place) and the majority of the games also come with DRM-free versions of the game as well.

The games on the list include:

Chivalry Medieval Warfare
Defender’s Quest
Kentucky Route Zero
Legend of Grimrock
Retro City Rampage
Rogue Legacy
Starseed Pilgrim

Remember, supporting the developer directly through their website puts more money in their pockets.

There is some controversy with this method though. Some indie developers wish for people to buy through the Steam Store strictly to increase their sales rank, to attain a wider audience (since the active Steam userbase is in the millions).

Source: Reddit

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