‘Indie Face Kick’ Bundle Coming Soon, Good Line Up Rumored

A new indie game bundle by the name of Indie Face Kick has appeared and what we have heard on the grapevine tells us that it should be a pretty decent one at that.


Going with the mantra “Indie games so good, you’ll feel like you’ve been kicked in the face” is a pretty eye-catching one, right? That’s what Indie Face Kick is all about, or at least so it seems. In truth, hardly anything is known about Indie Face Kick apart from its attitude, that it was set up by the website GamingAllTheTime.com and that it is “coming soon”.


However, it seems the line up has been caught by some quick fellows on steamgifts.com before it was taken down from the website’s official Steam Group.


Rumored to be the contents of Indie Face Kick are:



The news you’ll probably be most happy to find out is that all of these games are on Steam so it’s possible that Steam keys will be given out. If not, direct downloads it is, presumably. The other thing to note is that two of these games have appeared in other bundles: Greed Corp is in Indie Gala and Rune Spell was in the Indie Royale once upon a time. Unfortunately we don’t have any idea of how pricing will work, which will no doubt sway your interest one way or another once it is revealed. For now, just put this one on the back burner until we hear more about it.


Look out for more information on Indie Face Kick in the near future over on the official website.

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