Indie Intermission – ‘Archeblade’ Not Your Average Beat Em Up

Today’s game of choice is from Codebrush Games, a small South Korean indie development team who have been working tirelessly on Archeblade, a brand new style of MOBA game.


The company manage to cross elements from beat em up titles like Street Fighter with MOBA elements found in games such as Bloodline Champions. Although initially these genres may not seem a likely pairing after you give the game a go you will see just how well they can fit together under the right circumstances.


The game is fast paced and is a great deal of fun from start to finish with a rather wide selection of characters to pick the variety here is just great. Although the current map pool is a little limited the game in its current incarnation really is a great deal of fun and if you enjoy beat em ups or MOBAs then this might just be fore you.


Average play time – 30 minutes


Archeblade has been in development for sometime and I have followed the development quite closely so I am very happy to see Codebrush Games finally release at least an early access version of the game. Due to the game still being in development expect a lot of updates and no doubt a fair amount of changes but none the less Archeblade is a great new style of multiplayer game.


Archeblade can be downloaded Via Steam for free now, if you would like to find out more about Codebrush Games check out their site.


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