Indie Intermission – ‘Atomic’ A Minimalistic Fast Paced Arcade Game

Today’s game is Atomic from Amidos, a developer I have followed quite closely over the past few months due to his great innovation and ever interesting games that have largely came out of different game jams.


Atomic is a very interesting yet simple concept for a game which only requires you to use the space bar for all the actions. Following a very minimalistic approach, in Atomic you appear to be an electron orbiting a nucleus and must increase your orbit to collect squares whilst trying to avoid the bullets.


It really is a very elegant game that plays fantastically and it should not take you long to realise just where the influences come from. The whole style is very reminiscent of Super Hexagon which is great in my opinion as Super Hexagon is such a fantastic game.


Although the basic idea is simple mastering the game can be very difficult leading to a lot of fun and frustrating moments as you try to beat your last score.

Average play time – 5 minutes


Atomic is a nice and relaxing time waster that offers a lot of challenge whilst not being too unforgiving. With great visuals and awesome music expect to get a great deal of fun out of Atomic.


Be sure to play Atomic on Newgrounds now. Also be sure to check out Amidos’ site for more games and info.


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