Indie Intermission – “Chaotic” A Colourful Explosion Of Creativity

Today I bring you a rather interesting game that seems to take elements from bullet hells and combine them with the Super Hexagon idea. Chaotic is the latest game from Amidos who has been featured here a few time before.


In Chaotic you play as an ever evolving shape which is continually shooting out in a whole variety of directions, dependant upon the stage of evolution you are currently at. Chaotic has strong tones of Super Hexagon in the pulsating  stages and ever-changing backgrounds, making for a rather fun and interesting game.


Unlike Super Hexagon in Chaotic you have small shapes flying at you and you must direct your object to shoot them. It really does combine two rather different styles of game together very well creating a very fun and indeed “chaotic” game.


Average play time – 3 minutes


Chaotic is a very well designed and great to look at game which draws inspiration from some of the least likely places. It has all been put together very well and it just works in a very fast paced and chaotic manner.


If you are a fan of bullet hell shooters or just loved Super Hexagon but are looking for something a little different you will d definitely  enjoy Chaotic. Play Chaotic on Newgrounds now.


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