Indie Intermission – ‘Encounter’ A Close Encounter Of The RPG Kind

Today’s game Encounter is a rather nifty little game that plays a little bit like a board game crossed with a turn based RPG battle sequence reminiscent of early Final Fantasy games. Encounter has been developed by FineSoft a developer that seems to be based in Japan.


Although the basic premise behind Encounter is very straightforward the game offers a lot of great little upgrades from level to level allow you to start forging you own game style.


The whole idea is to match either one of each type or as many of the same type as you can to deal damage to the current enemies. You must constantly deal more damage to the enemy then they do to you or you lose, which does sound a little self explanatory but still.


The graphics style in Encounter is very nice and does bring back memories of the classic RPGs of the past creating a great overall aesthetic for the game.

Average play time – 10 minutes


Encounter is a great deal of fun and offers a lot of really nice mechanics that create quite a great game overall. If you have ever played an RPG of the ’90s you should get a great deal out of Encounter.


Encounter can be played on the FineSoft site now for free.


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