Indie Intermission – ‘Knightmare Tower’ Next Time We Take The Stairs

Knightmare Tower is a rather interesting vertical arcade game that is actually a surprising amount of fun. Designed by Juicy Beast you must progress up the tower by jumping (and cutting) the enemies below you in order to save all the princesses.


Yes that is right it is quite the typical plot, you are a knight moving through a tower killing enemies and rescuing princesses, although the overall gameplay is somewhat unconventional. Knightmare Tower has great visuals and fantastic art assets that do remind me a lot of Castle Crashers, which is always a positive thing.


Although the gameplay dynamic is rather simplistic there is a whole host of unlockables to add a bit of variety and the overall game mechanics work so well with very basic commands but tight controls making the game work very well.


Average play time – 20 minutes


After quite a successful time online Knightmare Tower is going to be heading towards the Ouya later this month in a bigger and more complete game model. However the online version is still great and well worth your time for some mindless fun!


Knightmare Tower can be played on Kongregate now.


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