Indie Intermission – ‘Life/Routine’ You Are Only Cheating Yourself

With the power to create or destroy in the palm of your hand LightnarcissusLife/Routine is a minimalistic marvel. In Life/Routine you must fly through this arcade scroller, however the difficultly is very much up to you as you can dynamically alter it.


You are able to create obstacles with just the click of a button as you try to race through this strange place. The graphics are very minimalistic and feed into the theme fantastically well making for some interesting visuals throughout.


Life/Routine in name is very interesting and I feel feeds into the game by suggesting that life is as hard as you make it for yourself which I feel is quite an interesting stance on things. Although this may not always be the case it really is quite an interesting taken on things and one that evokes quite a lot of thought.


Average play time – 3 minutes


Life/Routine is a great little game that will occupy you for sometime as you decide on your own difficulty level, and remember at the end of the day you are only cheating yourself. Life/ Routine is a very well thought out game that asks some interesting inward questions about life.


Life/ Routine can be played online here. However if you enjoy the game consider voting for it on the Ludum Dare site.


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