Indie Intermission – ‘Path Of The Trees’ Getting To The Root Of The Problem

Today’s pick is from the recent game jam aimed to raise awareness of the violence and problems in Turkey. Although I have been following the events in Turkey I was unaware of the catalyst that started this movement.


Of course Turkey has had a lot of problems over the years and it seems this spout of protesting occurred from a small, innocent protest in central Istanbul over Gezi Park, one of the last remaining green spots in Istanbul. This sit-in was met with heavy police resistance and as a result of the disproportionate governmental response the protest rapidly escalated into its current state.


In response to this a group of indie developers decided to create a whole variety of games to show their support for the cause. Today’s game Path Of The Trees is a very simple little turn based strategy game highlighting the catalyst that started the Turkish protests.


Path Of The Trees was created by Burak Kürkçü, Leonard Pabin, and Johann Sebastian Bach as their response to what has been happening in Turkey, although the game is very short and simple the idea is nice and the idea behind the game has even more meaning.


In Path Of The Trees you must try to bridge the game with trees moving from the bottom edge to the top without being road blocked. The game is not overly challenging but it also offers a secondary goal, a goal that you can meet by planting at least 64 trees.


Average play time – 2 minutes


Path Of Trees is a rather basic strategy game that should not take you too long to complete or even achieve the secondary goal, but the bigger message is what is important with the game I feel.


Path Of Trees is very nicely animated and offers a pleasant relaxing game with a very subtle politic message.


Play Path Of Trees Online now. If you would like to find out more about the GeziJAM head over to their official website.


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