Indie Intermission – ‘Robotic Arm’ A Purely Logical Puzzler

Although this game is not quite a surreal as some of them this week, the nature of the game is still very interesting. Robotic Arm is a logic puzzler from Amidos Entertainment and it is very well thought out game.


The whole idea of Robotic Arm is to line up all the holes from the arm to the glowing orbs. The levels start off fairly basic but quickly get much more taxing as the arms rapidly grow in complexity.


You are able to alter the point of the arm at any of the joint sections (filled circles), this allows you to rotate the arms in a few more extra ways. It also makes the game much more complex, with more points beong introduced as you progress. Meaning you have to figure out which ones to rotate and which ones to leave.


The gameplay is fairly basic and you can be picked up quickly, which is always good news. Though the levels only get more and more difficult, and of course the difficulty is somewhat subjective, as some people are able to figure out the puzzles much quicker than others. There is also a click counter to show you just how badly you have been doing on that level. The counter also adds a great level of challenge to each level, as we all want to get the lowest clicks!


The artstyle is basic but it works very well in the overall scheme of the game, to great a great atmosphere overall. The gameplay is very smooth and intuitive, which means you don’t have to spent time worry about pesky little issues.


The music chosen is great and really adds an ominous overtone to the game. Which fits in well with the theme of robots and some of the rather worrying quotes about robots from popular Sci-Fi writers.


A well thought out and different puzzler to the norm, offering a great deal of fun for around 30 minutes. My only issues is I wish the level had a reset button, as the only button I could find was the one to take you back to the main menu (although this is only a minor issue).


Average play time – 30 minutes


For anyone who loves puzzlers, especially ones that are a little quirky and different, Robotic Arm is one for you. Although I didn’t find many of the puzzles overly difficult the last few really stumped me. You can play Robotic Arm in your browser here. If you would like to play any other games from Amidos Entertainment his site can be found here (Twitter).


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