Indie Intermission – ‘Simple Love’ Jump For My Love

Following on today with more Global Game Jam 2013 games I bring you Amidos Entertainment’s entry, Simple Love. Following the theme of a heartbeat Amidos takes the concept rather literally as you navigate around this maze by following the sound of a heart beating.


In my opinion the heartbeat idea is an interesting one. However in Simple Love the heart beating did feel a little over engineered as the maze was very straightforward, and short. I assume this comes down to the game being made in just 48 hours. But I think this concept could be elaborated on and worked into a game to revival secrets and such.


The art style was very nice, it was very minimalistic but suited the game perfectly – and I have a thing for minimalistic games. With a puzzle game that takes such a minimalistic approach there is always the problem of creating room after room of the same thing, luckily this was not the case here. The game progresses nicely and even though being a top down game Amidos introduces a jump mechanic that I personally quite enjoyed, it just added a nice extra challenge and worked surprisingly well.


One of the biggest weakness however comes from Amidos not being a native English speaker. This becomes ever more apparent with the text seen throughout the game which suffers from being written by a none native English speaker. It is because of this it falls short of being romantic, and even occasional borders on the creepy side. No doubt the game being done in such a blitz didn’t help this and I feel the writing suffers a little because of it.


Average play time – 5 Minutes


Simple Love is a charming little game that plays surprisingly well. Of course being created within 48 hours getting a game from a blank screen into a working model can be very challenging, however Simple Love feels rather good for a jam game. Of course there is still a fair amount of refinement to be done here and there but overall Simple Love is a solid entry into the competition.


You can play Simple Love on Newgrounds (or other sites), The Global Game Game 2013 page for the game can be found here and Amidos entertainment”s site can be found here.


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