Indie Intermission – ‘Snazzle’ A Snazzy New Take On Snake

It seems that Snake is one game that will always remain at the heart of many gamers. It has been remade and rethought many times over the years since its early carnations on the old Nokia phones. The updated versions really do get quite advanced and with games like Snayke just released this is a market that is ever changing.


Snazzle is Amidos‘ latest creation and really does take a very interesting route. Snazzle is a cross over of Chu Chu Rocket and Snake, combining a lot of the classic mechanics of Snake with some of the novel ideas put into Chu Chu Rocket. I really enjoyed both the original puzzlers so this was a no brainier.


The graphics are nice and fluid created in a simplistic but stylish manner that I do think suit the game very well. With well placed music played over the top Snazzle is a game created to high specifications.


The gameplay works very well with the user having no direct control over the snake itself but can only alter its direction with arrow markers on the floor much in the way you direct mice in Chu Chu Rocket. Complete with teleporters that create a very interesting dynamic by adding an extra challenge.


Average play time – 2 minutes per level


Snazzle is a very interesting and crosses two fantastic games into a whole new idea that I found to work fantastically. An ever challenging puzzler Snazzle is a fun and rewarding title that forces some lateral thinking.


Play Snazzle on Newgrounds here. Follow Amidos on his official site here.


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