Indie Intermission – ‘Super Witch Hunter Pro’ Witch Hunting 101

Long ago are the days of the witch trials in the western world. They are all but a chapter in history now, but for all of you who are still suspicious of that crazy old cat lady down the road maybe honing your skills now would not go amiss. Hell it is the end of the world after all so who knows what’s going to happen.


Following on the week of Ludum Dare entries I bring you Super Witch Hunter Pro (Witch Hunter) by Gungnir (Ben Kerslake & Jerry Verhoeven). In Witch Hunter you play the part of the puritan Hopkins, you are of course a novice witch hunter hoping to entertain the masses.


The game plays out in a very basic manner as you must keep your righteous torch ablaze, and your divine stockpiled firmly around these heretics feet. Witch Hunter is a game that starts off quite slowly but rapidly ramps up in difficult. After playing for a few minutes you will often struggle to even find time to full cleanse these heretics.


Even pushing the Warlock goat off the hill can be time consuming and be the difference between a cleansing and an escape, time is always biting at your heels. You have a crowd to please and a job to do so every heretic that escapes will cost you some piety as the crowds faith in you wanes.


For such a dark and sinister subject matter Gungnir do a great job of lighting the mood with the stunning yet cartoony pop-up art style of the characters. And after pushing my second Warlock goat off the cliff (and learning these are indeed Warlock Goats) I saw the dark humour really come into its own.


Average play time – 10 minutes


Witch Hunter is a very basic game in terms of gameplay and verity, however the art style is amazing and the dark sense of humour present throughout the game is fantastic. Super Witch Hunter Pro works great as a small browser game but would be too shallow for much more, however if the developers looked to further develop the game I am sure they could make something rather spectacular.


Be sure to check out Super Witch Hunter Pro on the Ludum Dare site here and vote for it if you enjoy it.


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