Indie Intermission – ‘SuteF’ Suitably Rewarding

Today’s game is a somewhat creepy puzzle platformer that goes by the name of SuteF and has been created by Rotten Tater.


SuteF is a great platformer that adapts a very dark and sinister style into a puzzle platformer that brings in many great mechanics that all work together to convey an interesting story.


The game starts off in a very basic manner and slowly introduces you to the mechanics over several levels. After you get past the first handful of levels you start to get put against the much more taxing challenges that require you to use all the former knowledge you gained.


SuteF is never boring and has some superb level design which make every level interesting to look at visually. Along with the aesthetic choice the puzzles all work well, and even though the latter puzzles where not that difficult to finish they proved a suitable challenge which made them fun and interesting, without being frustrating.


Average play time – Less than an hour


SuteF plays well from start to finish and contains an interesting minimalistic narrative that adds to the game overall. If you are a fan of puzzle platformers SuteF is definitely a game that should be given a go as it offers much more than many puzzle platformers out there.


You can download SuteF from Gamejolt for free.


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