‘Indie Loop Garden’: Providing Bespoke Music For Indie Games

Indie Loop Garden is a collaboration of top indie game musicians whose sole aim is to be a great source of music for indie developers and their games – the talent in this group is eyebrow raising.


Boasting indie titles such as Fez, Soulcaster, Aiko Island and Hydorah as past experience, the nine composers that make up Indie Loop Garden are certainly not to be taken lightly.


Their message is quite simple: don’t just make do with free loops and royalty free music for your game, let them bring quality to the audio of your game with a tailor-made original soundtrack. With the recent interest in indie game music due to its distribution through the Indie Game Music Bundle, there’s no doubt that it’s worth the investment. Some of our favorite games as of late have been elevated solely by music – Dustforce and To The Moon being the most prominent examples.


“We are a collective of indie game composers who relish the opportunity to provide an organic, homegrown alternative to the plethora of ready made mass produced rubbish lining the musical convenience stores of the web.” said the founder Vince Webb.


If you a game developer and interested in what these guys specialise in, then there’s a very handy page right here for you.


Check out the quick showreel from each of the artists in Indie Loop Garden below and if you want more (and you will) go to the demo reel page.


You can find out more information on Indie Loop Garden on the official website.

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