Indie ‘Space Bundle’ Registered On Steam, Details Inside

Well it’s a been a bundling good week but we’re starting off this fresh one with a fresh bundle, this time courtesy of the folks behind Steam. Very recent to hit the Steam registry is a “Space Bundle” and with it all the juicy details on the contents. Five games overall are included and each of them quite stellar in their own right; ranging from deep strategy to first person shooter and a couple of simulators thrown in for good measure too.


While we don’t have the release date or price, we can give it an estimate if need be but there isn’t one – we’re more patient than that. Though in saying that we realise how good a bundle this is and can’t for its release, which we safely predict to be by the end of this week. Anyway, enough rabble and on to the contents!


First person shooters may be fairly stale at the current moment in time, but there is a little bit of room for something different, as Shattered Horizon proved when it was released back in 2009. This multiplayer experience allows players to float around in zero gravity with the aid of their rocket pack for some control of course. The perils of floating off into space are outweighed by your company though – a bunch of other players who have been told to kill you. Lovely. There are single player maps with bots to help you hone your skills luckily, or if the servers are empty which hopefully won’t be the case.


A highly thought of space strategy title, Gratuitous Space Battles avoids clickfests by making the player think deeply about their set-up, from designing space ships from detailed modules to organizing a fleet to take on huge armies of the enemy. Once the orders are given it’s time to see how things work out; the result is always jaw dropping, either because the visual display or your ships are being utterly destroyed.


Taking god games to an entirely different scale, Universe Sandbox gives you exactly that as well as the freedom to manipulate it to your will. Place stars, galaxies, planets and moons in an attempt to build your very own galaxy and to some spectacular results. The most fun can be had by toying with the in-game physics though; galaxy-sized collisions, impossible orbits and mind-bending distortion can be had with complete simplicity.


A fairly typical allies versus axis setup dominates the space battlefields in Stellar Impact. You’ll commandeer a battleship of your choosing – each with their own set-up – and then take out those frustration issues on the enemy in some very colorful space scenes, which are only improved with the firepower from the tussle. The listing on Steam has the DLC included with the purchase in the bundle.


Accurately described as a space flight simulator, Lunar Flight is a modern take on Lunar Lander meaning that it comes with a series of missions to complete, experience to gain and spend and time trial challenges with online leaderboard support. As would seem logical, this is a game all about physics and the mastering of them, so it’s not going to be easy transporting all that cargo, acquiring data at survey locations and locating the lost cargo.


Look out for the Space Bundle to arrive on Steam sometime this week. We reckon it will go live either on Wednesday or more likely Friday. It’s a good bundle of games and the price is undoubtedly going to be very worthy of a purchase, even if you have a couple of these games already.

Valuing gameplay and innovation over everything, Chris has a keen eye for the most obscure titles unknown to man and gets a buzz from finding fantastic games that are not getting enough love. Chris Priestman, Editor-in-Chief of IGM

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