Indie-View #1 – Matt Gilgenbach On ‘Retro/Grade’

Welcome to the inaugural Indie-View, a new video segment where we sit down with an indie developer to discuss games. More specifically, their games. Our goal for the feature is to marry the interview and preview standards together in an effort to provide the best of both worlds. That basically means lots of gameplay footage in with the Q&A stuff, all blended together with hopefully just the right amount of production.


Our first guest is one you’ll recognize if you frequent conventions/festivals such as PAX and IndieCade. Matt Gilgenbach, or the guy who wears the hardhat and bow tie arrangement, is also known for cooking up the award-winning rhythm shooter Retro/Grade. With the upcoming (currently) PSN-exclusive title finally approaching a release after nearly half a decade in development, it seemed a fine time to catch up. Luckily, Matt and I are local to one another and we (my cameraman/video editor Kevin Harland and I) were able to join him at his place and ask a few questions when we weren’t gawking at his impressive game collection:


As we’re just getting started out with this Indie-View thing, any feedback is greatly appreciated. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. If you like some element, or if there’s something we can improve upon we definitely want to hear about it. We have several notable developers lined up to join us in the near future, so be sure to stay tuned if you like what you see.

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