‘Indiefort Bundle 2′ Announced – Six Great Games For $6 Minimum

After a very successful launch, GamersGate’s Indiefort is going strong, offering an ever increasing lineup of great indie games. The initiative launched just a couple of months ago and it did so with the first Indiefort Bundle to get things off the ground. Of course, that wasn’t just a one off deal, Indiefort intends to promote as many indie games as possible and through the most effective means, so naturally another bundle is on the way in less than a week. And don’t expect it to stop any time soon either!


We’ve been speaking to the indie game PR maestro behind Indiefort, Alexander Poysky, once again and he’s been courteous enough to reveal the details of the Indiefort Bundle 2 to us. A total of six games are once again being thrust into your face for a minimum of $6. You can of course pay more than that minimum if you’re a generous soul and want to help out the developers behind the selection of games just a little bit more – 100% of the money over the minimum goes straight to the developers. As with the last bundle, there are a number of incentives to unlock according to various pre-requisites. The bundle will last for a week, but that’s not entirely set in stone at this point.


So, from June 18th 2012, you’ll be able to purchase the following six games as part of the Indiefort Bundle 2:


Intrusion 2

Heavily influenced by Contra, Intrusion 2 takes off literally where the first game ended, leaving you parachuting to the ground with the missile heading off in the background. From there you’ll touch down on an frostbitten landscape and set off to ride wolves, use devastating weapons, fight huge bosses and man mechs. Most remarkable about this sidescrolling shooter is that everything is realised in its own physics engine, giving the game a very tactile feeling. Check our Intrusion 2 preview for further details.



Commonly referred to as the game that meshes Minecraft with Fallout, 3079 is a procedurally generated action RPG. Players land on a mysterious world and are promptly attacked, causing them to lose contact with command. You soon discover an ensuing war between various factions and set out to resolve the many conflicts as well as survive on this hostile planet. We had the joy of interviewing the game’s developer as can be read here.



Aztaka takes Aztec legend and turns it into a sidescrolling action RPG. You exist during a time of war, not between mortal men but that of the Gods vs. Mankind. As the heir of the Sun God, you are practised in both combat and magic and so it is left up to you to save your people from the wrath of the Gods by reuniting the seven phonograms.


Dark Scavenger

Dark Scavenger is a quirky game full of dark humor. Melding point and click mechanics with turn-based combat, you’ll be met with a fair variation in gameplay as you attempt to repair your ship after crash landing on an alien planet. You’re met with several choices throughout the game, but ultimately you need to decide as to whether you’ll solve the conflicts present on this planet or just simply save your own hide. Our full verdict can be found in our review of the game .


Fortix 2

Taking the basic gameplay of Qix and setting it inside a fantasy theme has done wonders for Fortix 2. The basic drawing mechanics remain as accessible and addictive as ever, and the various themed enemies and obstacles make up an adequate challenge. Throw in a pleasing aesthetic and an extra zombie mode and this is a casual strategy title worthy of your spare time. We gave our full impressions in our review of the game.


Demise: Ascension

Demise: Ascension is literally an old school dungeon crawler, in that it is a much more expanse version of Demise: Rise of the Ku’Tan which was released many years ago. You can expect hundreds of hours of play time with Ascension, with more dungeon levels to explore, more NPCs, more puzzles, and many more ways to create your own character visually and statistically. As well as a single player experience, up to 16 players can link together in a server and realm the dangerous dungeons. More information on the continual development of Demise: Ascension is available in our feature article written by the developer himself.


Look out for the Indiefort Bundle 2 to go live over on GamersGate on June 18th! In the meantime, check out the great selection of indie games that GamersGate has on offer right here.

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