‘InterGalaXia’ Just Released

InterGalaXia (IGX) is a space shooter from ByteBox released today on the XBLA and really is not your normal space shooter. IGX tried to move away from the traditional space shooter style in adding a game engine that would change the game’s appearance and gameplay noticeable every time you play. This will make the replayability so much greater and no longer will you be just stuck with one predictable title but with an ever changing title. Be sure to check the pre-release trailer below to see the game in action.

Of late there really has been a big push for many developers to start using procedural generation and random elements in their titles, due to the way this can extend the life of a game hugely. This falls in line with people getting more conscious of the price of games, so making titles with random elements really helps people to buy into them. It works in IGX with the whole galaxy generation being done in real time. Every single star is a new star which moves, flawlessly on its own according to its own makeup. Planets are rendered in real time, spawn at random and move with their own attributes. This goes for the shooting stars, asteroids, comets and nebulae making IGX to be quite the impressive title.

Even the overall galaxy difficulty is randomised by looking at many different elements it is largely focused around the enemy generation attributes, this is yet another feature to make this game very unpredictable in terms of its gameplay.

IGXs overall story is that you are working to complete missions fed to you by “The Corporation” who provide a private funding budget allowing you to weapon up your arsenal before deploying to the mission at hand. No doubt the story will expand as you try and beat IGX with some twists and turns rounding this title off.

IGX is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 80 Microsoft Points. Though if you would rather try out IGX first there is a trial on the marketplace, definitely try this out as it sounds to be an interesting twist on the space shooter genre. There are future plans to move IGX to PC so be sure to keep an eye on that over on the official site here. As always be sure to check back to The Indie Game Magazine for all the latest new as and when it breaks.

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