Island Officials – A Different Indie Developer Story

This month, I made the trek over the DelMemBr (that’s the Delaware Memorial Bridge for those unfamiliar with the area) to New Jersey to hang out with indie developers, Island Officials.  After parking in quaint and historic Woodbury, I opened the door to Tiki Tiki Games, the board game retail store that makes up the front of Island Officials’ office.   After touring the offices filled with gaming swag, action figures, analog games, and more, I knew that this game developer story was going to be different.  Most of the indie games that we focus on are made for the computer by a small team of developers who work together virtually.  Their games are made for low-barrier of entry platforms like Windows PC, Mac, Android or the iPhone.  Island Officials has a very different story than most game developers.  Their first retail game was for Nintendo DS, they’ve funded two analog card game via Kickstarter, and they still have yet to put out a game for the computer.  After eating some pizza and playing a round of Languini, I sat down and interviewed Ryan Harbinson and Ryan Morrison, two of the executive team members of Island Officials.


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