It’s Quirky, It’s Colorful, It’s ‘Cubistry’

A recent arrival to the indie gaming scene, The Hohng Company, recently released their newest game, Cubistry.  Cubistry is an addictive 3D puzzler, where you control a complicated cube in hopes of being able to match smaller cubes, and in turn, destroying the larger, encompassing cube.  The gameplay has you moving the cubes around and matching them in a way that I can only describe by relating it to a Rubik’s cube.  You don’t play Cubistry in the proper way of a Rubik’s cube though, you play it like when you used to dismantle a Rubik’s cube as a kid and put it back together in hopes of fooling your friends (you can’t deny it).  Moving the smaller cubes around is simple though, and can be done with either a mouse or a keyboard, making it scarily easy to get lost in the puzzle itself, not worrying about having to remember how to do each move.

The graphics of Cubistry are a little… odd.  Its unique look is reminiscent of a patchwork quilt, with a distinctly dissonant feel.  I think this look is great, but I’m sure there are plenty of gamers who might find it a bit nauseating.

Cubistry was released on August 15, 2012 and is free-to-play (albeit having a few ads on the “game over” screen) on Windows platforms.  The Hohng Company is also looking to release versions for both the Google Play Store, and Chrome’s App Store in the near future.

Fans of quirky, and addictive puzzlers with a unique graphical style can download Cubistry from their website and check it out.

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