Kiai Resonance Brings Classic Samurai Dueling to PC

Absorb Reality is a Bruxelles-based developer from Belgium currently working on Kiai Resonance, a fighting game with a unique take on the genre. Emulating the peaceful and relaxing art style from traditional Japanese artists like Hokusai, the team portrays the honorable art of Kenjutsu over the backdrop, contrasting violence over the serenity of these paintings.


The game is based on a one-hit system that could be extremely fatal should players fail to anticipate the opponents next move. There’s a very technical system behind the gameplay, and the game offers practice modes where players can dodge and deflect incoming arrows, chop bamboo shoots, or test techniques against a large pinwheel. The player can adjust the sword position in reaction to their opponent’s style in order to better defend against their attacks. This is not just a fighter, but a mind game that could bring a lot of tension to a genre that used to be occupied by feverish button-mashing. Kenjutsu is a refined art in itself, and in Kiai Resonance, players get a small taste of this disciplined sport that was once the basis for war execution.


A fighter straight out of the Edo period, Kiai wants to bring an excellent combination of art and gameplay together to create a unique experience coming soon to PC. The developers anticipate the game’s release before the year is over. Additional updates from the developer can be found on their website, Facebook, or Twitter.

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