Legends of Fire and Steel Streamlines Fantasy Strategy for PC and Mobile

Boomzap Entertainment has a history of making engaging mobile games, but their upcoming title takes a swing at crossing PC with mobile platforms. Legends of Fire and Steel is a fantasy strategy game designed to shave off some of the wearier aspects of longer, similar games.


The Human faction controlled most of Callasia for a good while, expanding quickly and developing technology. But after the progress advanced too far, it turned dark, using necromancy to create undead servants. Rebelling against their slave masters, the Revenants organized in their anger to form their own faction. The third in the conflict, the Fae, are nature folk who witnessed Human impudence and fight back to reclaim their land. There are multiple generals in every faction and each character plays an important role by commandeering their own sets of troops.


Once players pick their teams and create armies, they can select which territory they’d like to occupy from the game’s map. During a turn, it’s also possible to heal up, raze a territory to get more resources from it (at the risk of making the land unusable for a few turns), hire and upgrade units, and more. In multiplayer, the turn-based formula is streamlined by combining the planning and resolution steps. In terms of something like hotseat gameplay, it alleviates the wait for each player to finish their turn, so everyone plans their moves simultaneously. Controls are simplified to make the experience more enjoyable, but the creators make sure that every choice is meaningful in the game.


Legends of Fire and Steel just went up on Kickstarter with a $50,000 funding goal. One of the main reasons for crowdfunding, alongside finding community support, is that publishers tended to want the game to become more casual and free-to-play, compromising Boomzap’s vision. Backing the project at the $15 level awards access to an early release copy of the game.


The studio is aiming to deliver Legends of Fire and Steel in November of this year for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

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