Milkstone Studios Porting Titles To PC

Infinity Danger and Zombie Football Carnage are two titles that Milkstone Studios plan to port from the Indie Games section on Xbox Live to PC. Infinity Danger is a twin-stick shooter which pitches players against giant bosses that must be dismantled piece by piece. Meanwhile, Zombie Football Carnage is exactly what it says on the tin; it is a bloody, arcade style game featuring Zombies.


Individually the games can be purchased for $4. Together they are available for $6. There is also a third bundle that includes MotorHEAT . This final bundle is available for $7.50, which breaks down to $2.50 per game. The games and bundles can be purchased from the Milkstone Studios store.


For more information on the studio and upcoming releases, follow Milkstone Studios on Twitter (@milkstone).

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