New Gameplay Trailer for Upcoming PC Side-Scroller ‘Stained’

Indian developer RealAxis Software first announced Stained back in January of 2012; the developer had also slated an “early 2012″ release date, but you know how these things go. The silence with the public — although, it should be noted the developer has written several blog and news posts about development — has finally been broken as RealAxis released a brand new gameplay trailer for the upcoming PC side-scrolling/platforming/action effort.


Stained is set in a sprawling yet seemingly uninhabited castle. The player controls a grim reaper-like creature dressed in black robes and wielding a scythe. This character is given no motivations or goals until it comes in contact with the King’s Journal, which eventually guides the player through the castle’s walls, revealing hidden secrets in a place that punishes those who attempt to disturb it.


In the new gameplay trailer, the gorgeous environments and colors of the game take center-stage in addition to reveals of the side-scrolling action and platforming.


There is no exact release date for Stained just yet, but you can visit its official website for more details.

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