Overwatch’s New Hero Sigma is a Very Unique Tank

Overwatch’s new hero Sigma was announced by Blizzard earlier this week and made quite a strong first impression. Not much was known about the character at first but now there’s a lot of new info coming in thanks to the fact that Sigma has been added to the Public Test Server. Players who got hands-on with the hero generally describe him as fun to play but difficult to master. That’s not really a big surprise, though. Sigma’s difficulty is listed at 3 out of 3 stars even on the official website.

Abilities Breakdown

Sigma is a powerful tank who, as one might expect, excels at manipulating gravity. His first ability, Hypersphers, allows him to launch two gravitic charges that implode on impact and damage all opponents around them. Experimental Barrier is a defensive ability that allows Sigma to create a floating barrier at any location he wants. Meanwhile, his third ability, Kinetic Grasp, lets Sigma freeze incoming projectiles that are immediately converted into shields.


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In addition to Hypersphers, Sigma has another offensive ability called Accretion. This ability lets you throw a mass of debris at enemies, knocking them down in the process. Yes, that includes flying ones like Mercy. Sigma’s most impressive ability, however, is undoubtedly his ultimate, Gravitic Flux. When activated, Sigma’s ultimate lifts him off the ground along with all enemies found in the area. The scientist proceeds to slam them back down again shortly after, inflicting a good amount of damage in the process.

Sigma’s playstyle is aimed at players looking to stay alive as much as possible while disrupting enemy teams. His ultimate can be an absolute game-changer in team fights and Accretion can quickly disable key enemy targets. His defensive capabilities are not as powerful when compared to those of other tanks but Experimental Barrier and Kinetic Grasp are enough to keep your alive even when slightly outnumbered. One little drawback of Sigma is that his abilities require good planning and timing, especially Gravitic Flux.


 Video Source: YouTube/PlayOverwatch 

Sigma has a very interesting backstory that sets him apart from many of the other characters. Siebren de Kuiper by his real name, Sigma is a brilliant scientist with a background in astrophysics. Sigma always had a fascination with controlling gravity and ultimately gained the power to harness it. However, that power came at the cost of his mind. The scientist's great powers combined with his damaged psyche made him a threat to the government, which isolated and quarantined him inside a secret facility. Talon eventually broke him out but only to use him to further their own agenda.

In typical Blizzard fashion, the company released a short trailer meant to introduce to players to Sigma. The trailer is not as impressive as the short cinematics we’ve seen in the past, but it goes the job done. The video showcases how Sigma’s experiment went wrong and his resulting imprisonment. If you missed the trailer when it was first announced make sure to check out down below. Also, don’t hesitate to test Sigma for yourself on the PTR and decimate your foes with his immense powers.

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