Paladins Tier List Ranked From Best to Worst as of 2019

Looking for a good Paladins tier list to help you gain an edge in Hi-Rez Studios’ hero shooter? Well, look no further because you’ve just found it. In this article, we’re going to rank all the game’s champions based on their power and overall usefulness in the current meta.

Paladins is a constantly-evolving title that receives balance updates at regular intervals so some of these rankings may change further down the line. For now, though, this list is very solid and will give you a good indication of where each champion stands. In this tier list, we’re placing each champion into one of five different tiers – S, A, B, C, and D. The D tier contains the absolute strongest champions in the game right now while the D tier features the weakest ones.

It’s worth keeping in mind that team composition and player skill level play a major role in Paladins so you shouldn’t necessarily dismiss some champions just because they’re placed in a lower tier. Similarly, higher tier champions will not automatically win you a game every time, though they will likely give you an edge over the competition. With that out of the way, let’s begin.

Paladins Tier List

S Tier

◆ Androxus

Androxus is an excellent flanker that deals massive amounts of damage and is quite difficult to pin down thanks to his high mobility. He’s always a great pick regardless of the current meta and has the added benefit of being fairly easy to play even if you’re not a very experienced player.

◆ Cassie

Cassie is another champion that loves dealing with damage from afar while also being excellent at scouting enemy positions thanks to her ultimate. Her kit makes her a great addition to any team.

◆ Koga

If you like stealth-focused gameplay, you’re going to absolutely love Koga. The champion is proficient at both melee and range combat and can take out enemies from the shadows before they even knew what hit them.

A Tier

◆ Atlas

◆ Inara

A powerful front liner, Inara is great at slowing down enemies and providing teammates with opportunities for easy kills. While she’s very good on her own, she truly shines when receiving proper support from her team.

◆ Makoa

Makoa is great not only at protecting teammates but also at isolating key enemy targets. Even though he’s a tank, Makoa can be quite efficient when played offensively as he is capable of dealing a significant amount of damage with his ultimate ability, Ancient Rage.

◆ Bomb King

◆ Imani

◆ Lian

Lian is a well-rounded damage dealer that can cripple entire enemy teams thanks to her AoE abilities. In the right hands, her abilities can make her truly devastating.

◆ Viktor

◆ Mal’Damba

This champion has a little bit of everything – stun, heal, damage, evasion. More importantly, though, his ultimate can cause enemies to run in fear, potentially giving your own team a massive advantage during engagements if used at the right time.

◆ Seris

◆ Ying

B Tier

◆ Ashe

◆ Barik

◆ Dredge

Dredge’s damage-dealing potential is absolutely ridiculous. He is particularly adept at area of effect attacks and works great in combination with a lot of champions found in the upper part of our Paladins tier list. By himself, though, he can be a little squishy and easy to pin down.

◆ Drogoz

◆ Fernando

◆ Khan

Khan is notoriously difficult to take down thanks to his abilities, which can both absorb incoming damage and restore missing health. Even better, he can use his most useful abilities not just on himself but on his teammates as well.

◆ Kinessa

◆ Furia

Furia is a very good support character with some pretty impressive healing capabilities. In addition, she can also increase the weapon damage and movement speed for her allies with her ultimate ability, Inflame, which also makes her untargetable for 2 seconds.

◆ Grover

◆ Jenos

◆ Pip

◆ Evie

Evie excels at harassing enemies and slowing them down with her ultimate ability, Ice Storm. Most of her other abilities are focused on mobility and hit-and-run tactics.

◆ Lex

◆ Sha Lin

Sha Lin is one of those champions that can absolutely decimate enemies if left unchecked. His abilities require him to remain undetected so it takes a player who is good at stealth to make the most out of him.

◆ Strix

◆ Talus

◆ Terminus

◆ Torvald

Torvald is great at silencing and disrupting enemies while also keeping himself alive. He’s a bit of a niche champion but can be very useful when grouped with some of the other champions we described earlier on this list.

◆ Willo

◆ Zhin

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C Tier

◆ Ruckus

Ruckus’ abilities sound good on paper but the champion simply isn’t as effective as other front liners. His damage and defensive capabilities are decent but really nothing to write home about.

◆ Tyra

◆ Vivian

Vivian could be a pretty solid pick if her movement speed wasn’t slowed by 50% while using some of her abilities. As it stands, though, this drawback makes her very vulnerable in many situations and is generally not a very good champion at the moment.

◆ Grohk

◆ Buck

◆ Maeve

There was a time when we would have definitely placed Maeve higher on our tier list. Unfortunately, she has become inefficient in recent times thanks to a series of nerfs and now underperforms most other flankers.

D Tier

◆ Moji

Moji is a very gimmicky hero that’s close to being useless in his current state. Some of his abilities do sound fun but they’re far from being useful when actually playing the game.

◆ Skye

Skye is usually found at the bottom of lists like these for a reason. She’s simply not a very good champion and would require significant buffs in order to become a valuable asset to her teammates.

Final Thoughts

We hope this list can serve you well when trying to separate the good champions from the duds. As mentioned before, a champion is only as good as the player controlling him or her. However, you definitely have much better chances of doing well in a game by picking one of the higher tier champions rather than the lower tier ones. If you want to learn more about Paladin's champions make sure to check them out on the official website.


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  1. I just have to say it seems like a good chunk of people are considered B just not to make people mad. Then again I a may be not a good judge because I do not believe in tier list. If you get to know your character well you can do well. I will however say some peoples attacks are plan out crazy like Viktor. He can single handly wipe a team and it seems like his ult has a very fast Cooldown’s compared to others such as like the new IO support character. I wait forever to shoot a pretty fox face OOOOOH NO EVERYONE RUN. Then Vicktor is like oh HI looks through stalkerish binoculars and is like okay your all day. Then like 40 seconds later oooo there you here missles again and start pooping yourself before you you can shoot your pretty kitty face ult. lol I Get he is meant to damage deal but even other damage dealers feel a little less scary then him. lol I at least know the other DD are gonna use their ult’s. All I get from perv Viktor watching me from the push is a quick 2 second sound then his load blows all over us. Sounds about right for most people playing him. PUN intended ROFL =) PLUS WHEN WILL US HEALEARS EVER GET A TOP PLAY FOR MAYBE KEEPING OUR TEAM ALIVE!

    • Hey Sarah,

      Thank you for your comment, but everyone has its own point of view regarding the hero’s tier list, No matter which hero you like others will always think differently.
      About Vicktor, he might be a good hero but you can’t depend on just one character to play the game.

      Do you think, As per your perception, Vicktor will be moved into S section in our Tier list?

      Share your thoughts


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