PAX Prime: Indie MegaBooth Announcement and Official Developer Lineup

The official line-up for the Indie Megabooth and PAX Prime 2012  just went live on their official website and they are officially the biggest independent booth ever in PAX’s history..  There are actually a lot of returning games and developers from PAX East such as Strange Loop, Gaijin Games, 17Bit, Ska Studios, Retro Affect, Capy, Firehose Games, Drinkbox, Dejobaan, Carbon Games, and 24 Caret Games.  Other indies like Klei Entertainment and Arcen Games were at PAX East but not part of the actual megabooth section of the show, but they’re joining in this time along with newcomers SpryFox, Young Horses, Blendo Games, Gaslamp, Broken Rules, Two Tribes, Muteki Corp, Nicalis, Pixelscopic, Data Realms, Card Hunter, Eyebrow Interactive, Radial Games and Antichamber.  Here’s a map of the Megabooth layout:

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