‘Proteus’ Wins The Most Amazing Game Award At Indie Connect

It’s been a great couple of days here at the first A MAZE. Indie Connect in Berlin with many workshops, development talks and presentations and it’s been great meeting the many faces of the European indie development scene. We’ll have plenty of articles on the way covering as much of the event as possible, but for now we’ll tell you the big news – that being the winner of The Most Amazing Game Award at the festival.


There were 10 finalists selected from the many entrants for the festival’s most prestigious award and ones that our very own Chris Adkins and the rest of the jury here had to select a winner from. After hours of contemplation they got the decision down to just two games – Where is my Heart? and Proteus. Both of these are impressive games, the former being a complex tile puzzler with a quirky and inviting world and the latter being a relaxing, zen-like environment exploration title. Those are both bad descriptions in all honesty, you should watch gameplay and play them where possible for a better idea.


So after each judge fought for their choice of the two, it came down to Proteus being the winner and Ed Key (David Kanaga wasn’t present) picking up the award and the €5000. So congratulations to the winners – a well-deserved title and one I was personally routing for. Now, we must party by playing games, listening to electronic music and drinking beverages of some kind.


More information on Proteus can be found on the game’s official website.


Valuing gameplay and innovation over everything, Chris has a keen eye for the most obscure titles unknown to man and gets a buzz from finding fantastic games that are not getting enough love. Chris Priestman, Editor-in-Chief of IGM

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